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Where the Jobs Are

Often underestimated, the coating professional is well positioned for long-term success

From a simple coat of paint to highly specialized smart compounds, coatings serve as the front line of protection against the harmful and expensive effects of corrosion. Whether it’s the Golden Gate Bridge, a multi-million dollar container ship or a family car, corrodible assets depend on coatings for life extension, protection and defense  from external hazards such as fire, extreme temperatures, or physical wear and tear.

According to a study by Research & Markets, global demand for industrial coatings is projected to reach $105 billion by 2022. Industrial coatings are essential to protecting assets in a broad range of industries including transportation (roads and bridges), water and wastewater, construction, agriculture, oil and gas, chemicals, mining, and others. For asset owners, expertly applied coatings must conform to government standards and safety regulations and they are the key to preventing downtime, reducing expenditures, and extending the life of valuable assets.

Coating contractors may work in the field - that is, they travel to the site where an asset is located - or in the shop- a facility where specialists apply coatings to an asset before shipping it to a client. Coating applicators require specialized training to understand and master proper coating application procedures including surface preparation, application techniques, dealing with changing ambient conditions, and specifications and quality control measures for various types of projects.

Individuals often seek training and certification related to specialized fields or to hone their skills with specific equipment or a type of coating. With the NACE International Institute Contractor Accreditation Program (NIICAP), companies can earn accreditation which assures potential clients that the accredited contractor has a quality assurance program in place to support high-quality work that meets or exceeds the necessary requirements for a job.

Request a free NIICAP consultation
Request a free NIICAP consultation

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