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Concentration on Coatings from NIICAP Chief Auditor at CORROSION 2019

NACE International’s annual conference will feature new insights and interactive events for the protective coatings industry

From a simple coat of paint to highly specialized smart compounds, coatings serve as the front line of protection against the harmful and expensive effects of corrosion.

At this year’s CORROSION conference, the industry’s premier annual event, delegates from all sectors of the industrial paint and coatings industry will get an in-depth look at the latest trends in coating technology, as well as insights from contractors, inspectors, and suppliers.

Experts from the NACE International Institute’s Contractor Accreditation Program (NIICAP) will be on-site to share information and answer questions from contractors looking to grow their business. For those looking to grow their skills in the field of protective coatings, there will be several technical information and networking opportunities at the interactive Protective Coatings Workshop.

Preparing for your Audit: A Technical Discussion on the Contractor Accreditation Program from a Chief NIICAP Auditor
Launched in 2015, the NACE International Institute Contractor Accreditation Program (NIICAP) is an industry-driven and industry-managed accreditation program that verifies a contractor's quality-assurance program, support practices, production processes, and personnel management and training program. At this informal session, NIICAP Chief Auditor T.J. Mead will present a high-level overview of the NIICAP program, answer questions, and discuss real-world case studies of NIICAP-accredited contractors.

Tuesday, March 26 | 11:15 AM - 12:15 PM
Corrosive Chronicles Blue Theater
CORROSION 2019, Nashville, Tennessee

NIICAP Forum: Case Studies by Contractors and Asset Owners
This in-depth discussion will go over the NIICAP (NACE International Institute Contractor Accreditation Program) auditing process from different viewpoints – the perspective of a specifier/asset owner, the position of a contractor, and how NIICAP is trying to bridge that gap. Listen to case studies from both sides (asset owners and contractors), learn about the milestones the program has achieved, and what specifiers are seeking, going forward.

Wednesday, March 27 | 9:00 AM - 11:30 AM
Room 204
CORROSION 2019, Nashville, Tennessee


Protective Coatings Workshop
Learn what’s new in the marketplace for coatings contractors and stay up-to-date on the latest protective coatings technologies at this three-part interactive workshop. Designed for those working in or interested in learning more about coatings, this workshop will feature presentations from coatings industry leaders, an introduction to new emerging technologies, and highlight the experience plus accomplishments of those currently involved in the coatings field. Participate to earn PDHs or CEUs for your job, certification, or professional license renewals.

Registration Fees: 

NACE Member Price: $279 USD | Nonmember Price: $329 USD
Admission into the event is included as a part of a paid Full Conference Registration.
Registration to the Protective Coatings Workshop includes:

  • Access to the CORROSION 2019 Exhibit Hall on Tuesday and Wednesday
  • Access to the Workshop
  • Lunch on Tuesday

→ Click here to sign up.

The Coatings Experience—Open during exhibit hours
NEW for 2019! Join us on the Exhibit Hall floor for the Coatings Experience. This new feature will introduce those interested in coatings to the ins and outs of application, surface preparation,inspection plans, and coatings in a fun and interactive way.

About CORROSION 2019
NACE International’s CORROSION Conference& Expo is the world’s largest event for the prevention and mitigation of corrosion. Attended by more than 6,000 corrosion professionals from around the globe each year, this comprehensive technical conference is packed with countless opportunities to exchange knowledge and connect with the world’s leading authorities on corrosion. Register at nacecorrosion.org

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