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A Day in the Life: Kabbani Construction Group

In January 2018, Kabbani Construction Group (KCG) became the fifth company in the world– and the first in the Middle East– to achieve NIICAP accreditation. Bilal Bissar, Quality Control Manager at Kabbani, recently participated in an “Instagram Takeover” with NACE International. This social media project highlights a variety of careers found within the corrosion industry by featuring a “day in the life” of NACE members around the world.

Bissar, who holds a degree in analytical chemistry, is NACE CP certified and uses his skills to ensure systems and operations are functioning at their best. "Currently I am working to optimize the quality control program through introducing new standards and updating current standards," he says.


Kabbani Construction Group (KCG) is the contracting vehicle of the IKK Group of Companies,  one of Saudi Arabia’s largest companies. Established in 1977 as a roofing contractor in Jeddah, KCG evolved to become the largest specialized subcontractor in waterproofing, concrete repair, maintenance, oil field services, security and networking, industrial insulation, and more. KCG recently expanded into the field of construction management to provide solutions to intricate construction problems. The company serves clients across Saudi Arabia as well and throughout the Middle East by way of its affiliates in the UAE, Qatar, Egypt, Lebanon, Bahrain & Oman.


During the Instagram Takeover, Bissar shared photos from a few of KCG’s current projects, such as a coatings job inside the new terminal at King Abdulaziz International Airport and at the Hawaiya Gas Plant. He gave insights into the inspection techniques, tools, and technologies that his team uses on these jobs.


“As a quality control department, photographing the ongoing operation is part of our duties,” says Bissar. “As QC Manager, my job is to analyze the data taken from the work site and compare it against project specifications and applicable standards. It is my goal to optimize this process through introducing new and updating current standards, to ensure all systems and operations are functioning at their best.”

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