Focus on Transparency: the NIICAP Process

The NIICAP process is transparent, industry-driven and customer-focused, resulting in a robust accreditation program that endorses only coating contractors that have been audited and have a documented record of capabilities and competencies necessary to meet owner requirements. The accreditation process includes a thorough application process, on-site inspection of business practices and a project site audit overseen by NIICAP contracted third-party auditors with significant experience and expertise in the practices being audited.

The program is guided first and foremost by NIICAP Standards AS-1, AS-2, and AS-3. Each standard is detailed and leaves no question as to the basis of each audit of contractors’ administrative records and on-site operations and performance.

Additionally, NIICAP is driven by a firm Policy and Procedures Manual the highlights a transparent accreditation and auditing program free of conflict of interest and focused on open communication.

Finally, NIICAP has chosen to operate its auditing services through the utilization of contracted subject matter experts from industry who have documented QA experience. Auditor training is focused on communication and auditor performance is evaluated annually.