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Turner Industries Earns Accreditation from the NACE International Institute Contractor Accreditation Program

After a rigorous audit, which included an administrative review and on-site audit, Turner Industries has earned accreditation from the NACE International Institute Contractor Accreditation Program (NIICAP).

NIICAP is an industry-designed and managed program focused on contractors involved with professional project management and project performance in the surface preparation and coating or lining application industry; it was created in response to demand for an alternative to other coatings contractor accreditation programs.

“Turner has been committed to building, maintaining and servicing the nation’s heavy industrial sector for over 50 years,” says Richard Kelly, Operations Manager. “Our ability to remain successful hinges on us working hard to find, develop and support the very best people for the jobs we perform throughout our four divisions. Working to achieve NIICAP accreditation is an important component in our efforts to be the best at what we do and has given our craft workers something to take great pride in, as do we.”

The NIICAP Oversight Board is mainly composed of project owners. However, coatings contractors also get a voice through a contractor committee, which enables the accreditation program to be the first to bridge the gap between what asset owners are seeking and what coatings contractors provide.

“The NACE International Institute is known for its thorough and unparalleled qualification programs,” said Chris Fowler, president of NACE International Institute. “The institute is leading the way in developing the best programs to improve and mitigate the costly—and sometimes catastrophic—effects of corrosion. NIICAP is an essential part of any contractor’s important work and those contractors who earn accreditation set themselves apart from - and above - their competitors.”

By earning the NIICAP seal, contractors verify that they are fully qualified to perform the reliably and consistently using the latest in coatings preparation, application and inspection techniques and practices. For owners, this translates to better quality, increased savings and reduced risks.

“We hope to see more contractors bidding with this accreditation,” said Johnny Eliasson, Hull and Coatings Engineer, Chevron Shipping Company LLC, “as it provides the owners with another venue to keep the contractor accountable, while helping us identify contractors with a proven track record of going the extra mile to continuously execute quality work.”

Request a free NIICAP consultation
Request a free NIICAP consultation

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