NIICAP Benefits for Asset Owners

Industry Designed/Managed Oversight Program

  • Comprehensive audit process. Includes extensive administrative pre-audit review and communications; on-site audit (shop and field); at least one on-site audit event and observation of the contractor during a job-in-progress; and a post audit debrief.  
  • Highly structured on-site audit of employees in the contractor's internal training program or students in an independent training organization's program for AS-3.​
  • Technically capable experts will administer thorough field and shop audits.
  • Accreditation choice. Now more than one organization offers industrial contractor accreditation.
  • Fair and efficient Appeals Procedure will be available to both owners and contractors.

Reduce Costs/Increase Profits

  • Auditor experience and expertise is an invaluable asset.
  • Minimize re-work and call-backs.
  • Increased owner satisfaction.
  • Best practices are developed and utilized to increase asset life and improve asset performance. Quality ultimately has a positive effect on net revenue.
  • Reduce time and process of finding, vetting and selecting qualified contractors.
  • Improve asset life and performance reduces non-productive time, turnarounds and shutdowns.

Reduce Risk & Improve Safety (HSE - Health, Safety & Environmental)

  • Supports existing HSE and corporate responsibility programs. Companies can utilize quality applicators who understand and adhere to HSE culture.
  • Provides concrete and convenient data for HSE audits.

Improve Quality through Best Practices & Industry-Developed Audit Standards

  • NIICAP is industry-designed and managed. All technical aspects, audit checklists and auditor qualifications are created by a collective group of third party owner and contractor experts.
  • Best practices defined and shared by third party/independent groups with complete confidentiality.
  • Real-time information and audit data will be available for participating contractors. 

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