Application Process

NIICAP accreditation is rigorous but attainable. The program standards and processes required for NIICAP accreditation have been carefully vetted by owners, contractors, and government representatives across the industry, ensuring the program remains relevant.

Five Steps to Accreditation

1. Submit Part 1 of the Application - (1 week)

Coating contractors apply for accreditation using a comprehensive, in-depth application.  This 2 -part application is clear and concise but detailed enough to ensure only coating contractors with successful work histories and sufficient time in operation need apply.

Part 1 - Covers the basic business, administrative and legal aspects and payment information.

2. Submit Part 2 of the Application - (approximate timeframe 3-6 weeks)

Part 2 - Collection of detailed technical information, processes and documentation.

3. Participate in an on-site audit - (2 1/2 - 7 days, depending on accreditation, location, size of company, etc.)

The in-depth audit will include a thorough assessment of the contractor’s business and administrative practices as well as practices in the field or the shop. A NIICAP auditor will arrive at the contractor’s business location or project site location to audit quality processes, observe performance and assess capabilities.

4. Receive and address results - (approximately 2-3 weeks)

Contractors will receive written results within 21 days. If necessary, applicants may use this time to correct any shortfalls and resubmit documentation to the auditor for approval.

Applicants that do not attain accreditation will receive clearly stated reasons for the decision and have the ability to correct the deficiencies, appeal the results, or reapply at a later date.

5. Accreditation  and Maintenance

Applicants that attain accreditation immediately earn the ability to use the NIICAP seal and market their organizations accordingly.

After accreditation is achieved, contractors are expected to maintain standards and are subject to random compliance audits.  An annual maintenance audit is required to maintain your accreditation status. Renewal information will be sent 90 days prior to expiration.