NIICAP Benefits for Contractors

Industry Designed and Managed Oversight Program

Comprehensive audit process. Includes Field Accreditation, Shop Accreditation, Accreditation of Employer Internal Training Programs & Hazardous Waste Removal and Management Accreditation.

Performance recognition. NIICAP will reward superior performance that allows contractors to reduce the cost during the subsequent review period based on quality/performance. Technically capable experts will administer thorough field and shop audits.

Accreditation choice. Now more than one organization offers coating accreditation services. With NIICAP, contactors will be treated as valued customers and provided support throughout the process.

Transparent Auditing Standards. All processes will be transparent, fairly and efficiently administered and customer confidentiality will be paramount. Fair and efficient Appeals Procedure will be available to both owners and contractors.

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Reduce Costs/Increase Profits

  • Auditor experience and expertise is an invaluable asset.
  • Minimize re-work.
  • Increase customer satisfaction.
  • NIICAP rewards contractors with a robust continuous process improvement environment.

Reduce Risk & Improve Safety (HSE - Health, Safety & Environmental)

  • Best practices and shared experiences give contractors a roadmap for enhanced HSE performance. Collective efforts of industry leaders and stringent requirements for NIICAP members will elevate HSE importance and education.
  • Supports a culture of HSE. Regular audits create a culture of HSE adherence, training, awareness, and compliance.

Improve Quality through Best Practices & Industry-Developed Audit Standards

NIICAP is industry-designed and managed. All technical aspects, audit checklists and auditor qualifications are created by a collective group of 3rd party owner and contractor experts.

Best practices are defined by 3rd party/independent groups.

NIICAP Policies & Procedures
“We hope to see more contractors bidding with this accreditation, as it provides the owners with another venue to keep the contractor accountable, while helping us identify those contractors with proven track record of going the extra mile to continuously execute safe quality work.”
Johnny Eliasson, Hull and Coatings Engineer, Chevron Shipping Company LLC