The NACE International Institute Contractor Accreditation Program (NIICAP) is a premier, industry-driven and industry managed accreditation program that validates a contractor's quality assurance program, support practices, and production processes.The NIICAP process is transparent, industry-driven and customer-focused from the top down, resulting in a robust accreditation program that endorses only coating contractors who have demonstrated capabilities and competencies necessary to meet owner requirements.

NIICAP is designed and guided by industry experts to serve as a vital tool for coating contractors and asset owners to improve operations, reduce costs, increase visibility and opportunity, and prequalify prospective contractors. In this comprehensive and innovative program, coating contractors and asset owners who seek to hire them have a transparent, industry-designed and driven mechanism for improving product and service quality, extending asset life and performance, enhancing best practices, and mitigating business and HSE risks.

Contractors that earn accreditation through NIICAP’s audit process distinguish themselves as elite coating applicators by demonstrating the highest levels of specialty knowledge, product and service quality, and organizational achievement—and gain the ability to market themselves to owners and certifiers who seek to prequalify and hire only the industry’s best professionals.

Asset owners that choose NIICAP-accredited contractors can be confident they are better protected by hiring contractors capable to meet customer specifications in industry best practices according to the highest standards of corrosion control, resulting in valuable efficiencies and savings in time, money and manpower associated with protecting the world’s infrastructure and large industrial and manufacturing assets from the effects of corrosion.

Accreditations are made using a thorough application, on-site inspection of business practices and a project site audit overseen by NIICAP contracted third-party auditors with significant experience and expertise in the practices being audited.

Questions? Contact info@niicap.net for more information.

Oversight Committee

The NIICAP program operates as part of the NACE International Institute Business Services LLC NIIBS, and under the purview of the NIICAP Oversight Board. This Board includes 8 members, with the majority of the Board being owners. Roles and responsibilities of of the Board include:

  • Set the technical direction for NIICAP.
  • Vote on the conferral of accreditation to contractors. 
  • Ensure NIICAP is meeting owner, contractor, and industry needs.
  • Manage a continuous improvement program for the Accreditation process.

NIICAP Oversight Board

Connor McManus
Coatings Technologist | Materials Engineering
TransCanada Pipelines

Larry Curry
Protective Coatings Specialist
Refining-Reliability & Engineering
Marathon Petroleum

Michael Baase
Transportation Engineer Technologist III
Kentucky Transportation Cabinet

Ricardo Cabrera
Advanced Engineering Associate / Non-metallics Specialist 
ExxonMobill Research & Eng

T.J. Mead
Chief Auditor
NIICAP Auditing Standards

Johnnie Miller, P.E.
Coatings and Traffic Materials Branch Manager
Construction Division/Materials & Pavements for TX DOT

Bill Candelori
Regional Vice President
IUPAT/Finishing Trades Institute

Tyj Takeuchi
Chief General Manager, Repair Division
Sumitomo Heavy Industries Marine & Engineering Co., Ltd.

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To apply for your accreditation, contact NIICAPSupport@nace.org or download the fillable application here.