5 Star Recognition

NIICAP was designed by industry leaders who believe companies should be rewarded for consistently strong audit results, just like individuals are rewarded for consistently superior performance!

NIICAP is pleased to introduce the NIICAP 5 Star recognition for coatings contractors. If you are an owner that is evaluating a NIICAP 5 Star accredited contractor, you will know that:

  • The contractor demonstrated consistent superior work practices and management practices during the course of at least three (3) consecutive initial or renewal audits. The 5 Star recognition is based on achieving and maintaining an average score of 4.0 or more for each of the two (2) sections in an AS-1 audit. This is not an easy challenge for any coatings contractor to achieve – the 5 STAR recognition has meaning.
  • The 5 STAR recognition must be re-earned during each subsequent audit, and affects the following Maintenance audit. However, regardless of the contractor’s audit results, each Renewal audit consists of the full Renewal audit.
  • If the contractor fails to maintain the 4.0 rating during any audit, the Five Star recognition will be forfeited and subsequent audits will return to the standard cycle, depth, and cost.
  • If the contractor fails to achieve an average score of 3.0 on each of the two (2) sections of an AS-1 Field or AS-1 Shop audit, the accreditation may be suspended until a successful Renewal audit is performed.